Friday, October 16, 2009

Education Center Online Celebrates Black History Month - Offering Online Education for People of All Races

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ACE Resources for Lifelong Learning Professionals

The American Council for Education maintains a useful set of pages for academics who work with adult learners. Included at the ACE site is information about Military Evaluation Programs, Government Relations, and Public Policy. (Of course not very many years ago, most students involved in distance education were included in the "adult learner" category, but today distance education is appealing to more and more younger students.)  ___JH


"For more than 60 years, ACE has helped adults gain access to a postsecondary education. We invite you to find out more about our programs and services."

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A poor time for a law school at UMass-Dartmouth

While proponents argue that no state money will be required, a closer look at the planned tuition level and the services offered by the school suggest there's a good chance the school could eventually come to rely on taxpayers for funding. Continue reading ...