Friday, January 9, 2009

Chandigarh Education Department Releases Class VIII Exams

Chandigarh(Mera Chandigarh):-The Chandigarh Education department has announced the datasheet for the middle – class examinations to be held from February 6, 2009 in Chandigarh government and private schools. Read the rest ...

Okla. Education Headed To Vote (KOCO 5 Oklahoma City)

No challenges were filed within a 10-day protest period, ensuring a statewide vote on the Oklahoma Education Association's petition to increase school funding by $850 million a year. Read the rest ...

The long road back

The long road back
The English High School, a historic icon and once one of Boston's premier learning institutions, has become one of the city's worst schools. This year, it must improve or face closure. This story is the first of several about the students, teachers, and headmaster at English as they try to reverse the school's troubled course.

School bus liquor-store run gets cops' attention

A school bus driver made an unscheduled stop at a liquor store, then allegedly asked a student to help hide her purchases when police stopped her, the district superintendent said. It does not appear the driver had been drinking, Billings Public Schools Superintendent Jack Copps said. No charges had been filed but the driver quit her job this week. Read more ...