Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The long road back

The long road back
The English High School, a historic icon and once one of Boston's premier learning institutions, has become one of the city's worst schools. This year, it must improve or face closure. This story is the first of several about the students, teachers, and headmaster at English as they try to reverse the school's troubled course.


Science students and instructors will want to put this web address in their bookmarks because WWS provides a federated search of science sites around the world. By combining WWS with Scirus--plus a discipline-specific search and a general search in Google--a searcher will have made a serious first-pass at finding information. ____JH (Via the Development Gateway's E-Learning distribution.)


"WorldWideScience.org is a global science gateway—accelerating scientific discovery and progress through a multilateral partnership to enable federated searching of national and international scientific databases. Subsequent versions of WorldWideScience.org will offer access to additional sources as well as enhanced features"

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Minnesota Educators Want to Ban Axe Body Spray

In Minnesota, however, school district officials wants to turn back the clock by banning the miracle potion. They say the man-spray has been abused and the aerosol stench is a hazard for students and faculty. Continue reading ...

firearms acquisition

firearms acquisition
Terra Nova Armoury is an authorized training institution to provide Firearms Safety Course and the Hunter Education Program to individuals seeking to obtain Canadian Firearms Licence and Canada Hunting Licence