Saturday, October 3, 2009

Time for California to make reforms in education

The governor has called for a special session on education reform to enact changes needed to make California eligible and competitive for billions of dollars in federal funding.

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Who Is Artie Shaw…and why is he following me?

About the Author Ferdie Pacheco, MD has been called a Renaissance Man because of his polifacetic career. He has been successful as a pharmacist, medical doctor, Fight Doctor in boxing, including working as a corner man for twelve world champions, including Muhammed Ali for seventeen years. He also served as a boxing commentator for NBC, Showtime and Univision, winning two Emmies. During this time he was the Boxing Consultant for NBC for ten years. He is retired from broadcasting after bei Read more ...

Police: Yale retiree brought weapons to campus

Police: Yale retiree brought weapons to campus
A retired Yale University employee who had complained about his benefits showed up at the Ivy League school with a rifle, ammunition and a knife, but his attorney said he had no ill intent.


WideOpenEducation is a promising new blog that focuses on resources for higher education. The weblog is sponsored by the same creator who developed the excellent Open Education Datatbase (OEDb). The WOE site will include an rss feed for subscribers and will be searchable by key words. It will be interesting to see how this site develops. _____JH Read more ...