Saturday, February 21, 2009

South Dakota panel nixes plan to cut state budget

South Dakota panel nixes plan to cut state budget
Republicans on a Senate committee knocked down a Democratic lawmaker's plan on Friday to cut nearly $9.5 million from the current South Dakota state budget.

Academic Earth

Academic Earth is a collection site for high quality academic lectures. The site is well designed, with easy navigation via browsing of Subjects, Universities, Lectures, and Playlists. Examples of current playlists include "Understanding the Financial Crisis," and "Wars Throughout History." Users who register (which is free and easy) can establish their own lists of favorite courses and lectures. The founders of Academic Earth intend to add more capabilities in the future. Consult the FAQ for information about viewing the videos and communicating with Academic Earth. This is a site to watch; it should be highly useful to both instructors and students.
"Academic Earth is an educational video website with the goal of enhancing the usability and expanding the awareness of OER, focusing first on video lectures.  We hope to do this through three means:
1.    Centralizing the best video resources from multiple sources into one easy-to-search hub.
2.    Applying the latest best practices in usability and design.
3.    Integrating crowd-sourcing and wiki tools so users can enhance the experience for future users (these features to come)." Richard Ludlow, CEO Academic Earth
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Why Creative Tutors?

Why Creative Tutors?
Creative Tutors provides educators with a business more on my website