Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Funding switch could oust outside students from Beverly Hills schools

The Beverly Hills Unified School District will lose its financial incentive to accept out-of-town students. The fate of those already enrolled is the subject of heated debate.

One of the most sought-after tickets in Southern California, a permit to enroll a child in the academically acclaimed Beverly Hills Unified School District, may soon disappear.

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Here's a way to start the New Year. Get the free software for keeping track of information, notes, ideas, resources. The software requires registration before the download link can be obtained, but that step is easily done. Registrants will also be invited to participate in research about how electronic notes are used. also requires that the user have the latest Firefox browser. The developer is MIT professor David Karger with the Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Lab. See the Jan. 5 Campus Technology article for more information about the project. ___JH

", which focuses on minimizing the time and effort needed to capture information, was developed not by looking at how people organize information, but by analyzing what kind of information they keep and make lists of. The tool resides in a Firefox browser sidebar, which can be pulled up and put away through a customizable hot key. A 'quick input box' allows users to enter information on the fly. A synching feature ensures that notes will be backed up; if the user has installed on multiple computers, notes will be mirrored to all of them."
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Reconnection via exchange

More than 100 years ago, young Jeremiah Donovan left Ireland on a steamship pointed toward Boston Harbor, desperate to find work in the United States. He quickly landed a job on the railroad and gave his family the opportunities he never had. Read more ...

Another Listing of Sites for OERs

Tony Bates' listing of OER sites adds yet another useful selection to an ever-growing collection of annotated listings. ____JH

 "Whatever happened to learning objects? Well, they've been replaced (or rather swallowed up) by open educational resources. Increasingly, more and more institutions are making online educational resources and course materials available free of charge for educational or non-profit purposes. So will content be free in education in the future? I think this deserves a blog entry to itself! (to come). In the meantime, I list here web sites that provide access to free material." Continue reading ...