Thursday, March 12, 2009

North Myrtle Beach instructor wins S.C. Adult Education ESL teacher of the year

North Myrtle Beach instructor wins S.C. Adult Education ESL teacher of the year

Tammy Humphreys takes her students to the library like most teachers passionate about English do, but she also gives them coffee breaks, teaches them how to open checking accounts and understands if they have ...

Opening Up Education

Opening Up Education is an MIT Press book edited by Toru Iiyoshi and Vijay Kumar; the subtitle is "The Collective Advancement of Education through Open Technology, Open Content, and Open Knowledge." The free ebook is, appropriately, available in an open access ipaper edition (Flash format) or via pdf files. (A print version may also be purchased from MIT Press.) The book includes a useful Foreword by John Seely Brown and valuable Introduction and Conclusion sections by the editors; the core of the book contains 27 chapters by diverse authors, many of them leaders in their fields. 

"Given the abundance of open education initiatives that aim to make educational assets freely available online, the time seems ripe to explore the potential of open education to transform the economics and ecology of education. Despite the diversity of tools and resources already available—from well-packaged course materials to simple games, for students, self-learners, faculty, and educational institutions—we have yet to take full advantage of shared knowledge about how these are being used, what local innovations are emerging, and how to learn from and build on the experiences of others. Opening Up Education argues that we must develop not only the technical capability but also the intellectual capacity for transforming tacit pedagogical knowledge into commonly usable and visible knowledge: by providing incentives for faculty to use (and contribute to) open education goods, and by looking beyond institutional boundaries to connect a variety of settings and open source entrepreneurs."

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Reading Success for Struggling Adolescent Learners: Edited by Jill Lewis and Susan Lenski

Reading Success for Struggling Adolescent Learners, a book co-edited by Dr. Jill Lewis, a professor of literacy education at New Jersey City University, and Dr. Susan Lenski, a professor of curriculum and instruction at Portland Sate University, has been published by Guilford Press. Continue reading ...

Beck's show to benefit Scientology-affiliated charity

Nothing was mentioned about any connections with Scientology, and the website for the charity turns up an error message. So what's the official word from the Church of Scientology? Is Educating Children International a charity working with Beck's known (and controversial) path of spirituality? It turns out it is. Read the rest ...