Friday, May 8, 2009

Celebrate Mother's Day with 5 Super Moms

The world is full of super moms who do extraordinary things for their kids every day, often without recognition or fanfare.

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Homeless girl comes to grips with a hard life

At first, 9-year-old Brehanna didn't seem to understand. Her family was being evicted from their home in Tualatin, a Portland suburb. Her father, Joe Ledesma, a homebuilder for 20 years, was without a job and couldn't find another. He couldn't pay the $800 rent on the three-bedroom house where he, his wife Heidi and daughter lived. Continue reading ...

K12 3rd-qtr profit jumps 44 percent

Curriculum and education services provider K12 Inc. said profit rose 44 percent in the third quarter, the result of strong enrollment growth and increased demand for its curriculum offerings. Read the rest ...

Budget cuts abstinence education program (AP via Yahoo! News)

Budget cuts abstinence education program (AP via Yahoo! News)
President Barack Obama wants to eliminate more than $100 million in spending on abstinence-only education, directing the money instead to teen pregnancy-reduction programs that don't take the no-sex approach.