Monday, February 2, 2009

OER Handbook for Educators

The OER Handbook is an excellent resource and will undoubtedly continue to be revised and updated beyond this version one. Coverage includes everything from Finding and Adapting resources to Composing, Sharing, and Licensing resources. ____JH


"Welcome to the world of Open Educational Resources (OER). This handbook is designed to help educators find, use, develop and share OER to enhance their effectiveness online and in the classroom.

Although no prior knowledge of OER[1] is required, some experience using a computer and browsing the Internet will be helpful. For example, it is preferable that you have experience using a word processor (e.g. Open Office[2] or Microsoft Word) and basic media production software, such as an image editor (e.g. Gimp[3], Inkscape[4] or Photoshop).

The handbook works best when there is some sort of OER you would like to create or make available to others, but it is also useful for the curious reader."

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STUDENT LOANS: Give borrowers more protection | TheNewsTribu

STUDENT LOANS: Give borrowers more protection | TheNewsTribu
Student loans are the only form of consumer debt lacking standard consumer protections. In 1997, student loan companies such as Sallie Mae successfully lobbied Congress to amend the Higher Education Act and remove consumer protections, making defaulted student loans among the most lucrative and easy debts to collect.

Alternative Energy Learning Method

The best way to educate young people about alternative energy production is the use of company PicoTurbine kits, books, and projects. The Company produces PicoTurbine kits and books in order to advance the cause of renewable (alternative) energy. Continue reading ...