Thursday, July 9, 2009

EduResources Portal Closed

The EduResources Portal was closed this month. The Portal, which was formerly at was shut down by Eastern Oregon University (EOU) when the server could no longer be maintained. Because of financial pressures, the University must focus on "supporting hardware and software that directly contribute to the central mission of the institution."

I began the EduResources Portal in 2003 while completing a sabbatical research project; the Portal was established to provide a starting point for instructors who sought to locate online instructional repositories. When I retired from EOU in June 2004, I continued to maintain the Portal from a distance with the assistance of the Computer Center at EOU. The Portal operated in conjunction with this EduResources Weblog; the Portal provided organized links to sites that contain instructional resources for higher education and the Weblog provided commentary about news related to online instructional resources.

I intend to continue the EduResources Weblog for at least another year. I recommend that users who relied on the EduResources Portal make use of the TLT Group's Collection of Collections to guide their searches for online resources: "Exploration Guide: Collections, Repositories, Referatories of Instructional Resources on the Web."

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Interventions needed in Cambodia to reduce HIV transmission from wealthier urban men to wives

By Roger Pebody, Wednesday, July 08, 2009 A household survey in Cambodia found an HIV prevalence of 0.6%, and found that infection was more common in urban areas and in wealthier households, researchers report in the July 17th edition of AIDS. A number of the findings support the hypothesis that the majority of infections in men are related to buying sex and that most women are infected by their husbands. Previous monitoring of the HIV epidemic in Cambodia relied on surve Read more ...

Political cartoon for 7/9: Ward needs a J-O-B

Political cartoon for 7/9: Ward needs a J-O-B
A Denver judge ruled this week that disgraced former Prof. Ward Churchill is not entitled to reinstatement at the University of Colorado, nor will he collect a monetary settlement. Churchill must now find gainful employment, but he may have to look outside academia for his next gig. read more

Ariz. legislators restore vetoed school funding

Ariz. legislators restore vetoed school funding
The Arizona Legislature met in special session Monday, with lawmakers quickly approving bills to restore vetoed funding for K-12 public schools and keep the state eligible for billions of dollars of federal stimulus funding.