Friday, February 27, 2009

Education's Stimulus Package: Resources

To make education's recovery plan a bit less confusing, learn where to find information about the economic recovery for higher education and K-12 schools. Continue reading ...

Open Education News

David Wiley announces the startup of Open Education News. This is another site to add to your list of rss feeds to monitor happenings in the field of open education. ___JH


"The young field of open education is gaining momentum and energy. As additional projects, foundations, universities, and other participants join the movement, the need increases for a single source to gather, sort, analyze, synthesize, and disseminate news related to open education. As a field, open education is now where the field of open access was a few years ago. Peter Suber's wonderful Open Access News provides an invaluable service to the OA community, and we intend to replicate this service with Open Education News."

"Open Education News is essentially a group blog. A number of individuals from the US, South Africa, and eventually other locations daily monitor the internet for news related to open education. We then aggregate these items and publish them individually with minor commentary. Occasionally we'll publish bigger pieces of our own authorship; analyses and such. If you know of some open education news we should write about, contact David Wiley at"

"Open Education News is graciously supported by the Open Society Institute and the Shuttleworth Foundation."

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Ark. lawmakers eye grade inflation lotto rule

Ark. lawmakers eye grade inflation lotto rule

Lawmakers working on a bill creating lottery-funded scholarships say they're considering easing a restriction that would exclude students who graduate from schools that have been cited by the state for grade ...