Saturday, September 19, 2009

Free Search Tools for Science Information

This guideline information was cited in Open Access News. These tools will be useful to students and instructors in both science and technology. ____JH

"ResourceShelf has put together A Quick Look at a Few Free Science Search Tools.  Among the tools and resources it covers are BioMed Central, CiteSeer, DOAJ, Global Science Gateway, Google Scholar, Highwire Press, Microsoft Live Search Academic, National Science Digital Library, OAIster, PubMed Central,, Scirus, and Scitopia." [Open Access News]

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WideOpenEducation is a promising new blog that focuses on resources for higher education. The weblog is sponsored by the same creator who developed the excellent Open Education Datatbase (OEDb). The WOE site will include an rss feed for subscribers and will be searchable by key words. It will be interesting to see how this site develops. _____JH Read more ...

Lynn schools chief upholds suspects’ suspensions

Lynn schools chief upholds suspects’ suspensions
Four of six Lynn boys accused of savagely beating a Guatemalan immigrant in July lost their bid to overturn their indefinite suspensions from school and instead will receive limited tutoring at an undisclosed location, a school official said yesterday.