Monday, August 10, 2009

Interview with Gene M. Heyman

FOR YEARS, THE enlightened - and widely held - view of addiction has been that it is a disease. Chronic drug abusers, for example, are physiologically compelled to continue their self-destructive behavior. They often have a genetic predisposition toward addiction, and their drug abuse results in biochemical changes in the body. Addicts need help if they are to be saved. Read the rest ...

Harvard Management hires 2 executives

Harvard Management Co., which runs the nation’s largest university endowment, has hired two new investment executives as it looks to come back from a year of sharp losses. They are: Read more ...

State To Stress Reading Comprehension

Policy makers in Tennessee are launching several efforts to help public school students improve their reading comprehension.

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New Colo. School Data Track Students Over 3 Years

New Colo. School Data Track Students Over 3 Years

Colorado schools are doing a good job maintaining the progress of students who grasp the basics of reading, writing and math, according to new data tracking student test scores over three years.