Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Jasper County Chamber holds education forum (WTOC 11 Savannah)

Dozens of people gathered in Jasper County today hear what education leaders in the county had to say about a number of important topics. Read more ...



This new web tool makes it easy for instructors to share text, audio, and video with students. Registration is required, but free. Use the FAQ and About sections to orient to the resources. Also look at Ezra Katz's sample course LectureShare 101 (once registered). ____JH

(Thanks to Jane's E-Learning Pick of the Day for this reference.)


  • Give students access to course materials without the burden of maintaining your own webpage or the hassle of complex web-based solutions
  • Post audio and video content easily
  • Make class announcements that your students will actually read—via e-mail, RSS (coming soon), or SMS
  • Effortlessly make your course available to anyone if you choose

At elite colleges, new aid for the middle

At elite colleges, new aid for the middle
Some of the nation's most elite colleges, trying to ward off perceptions that they've become unaffordable to even high-income families, are bolstering their financial aid packages by offering grants to students whose parents earn as much as $180,000 a year.