Thursday, July 16, 2009

L.A. school board lets Birmingham High go charter

It was the first action by the newly constituted board, but the members weren't particularly enthusiastic about the move, on which they had little choice.

A newly constituted Los Angeles school board took its first action Wednesday by giving up control of its largest campus, allowing Birmingham High to convert itself into a charter.

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Patrick wants more charter schools

Patrick wants more charter schools
Governor Deval Patrick will unveil a proposal today to nearly double the number of charter school seats allowed in the state’s worst-performing districts, a move expected to trigger a fierce debate on Beacon Hill and send tremors through local school systems.

MCAS results released today

The Massachusetts Department of Education today released the results of the 2008 MCAS tests and the department said statewide they show impressive math gains in all grades and strong improvement in eighth grade science and gains in English language arts, math and Science, Technology/Engineering in Grade 10. Continue reading ...