Monday, June 1, 2009

Report: Blago Eased Rezko Relative's Way To U Of I

Former Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich attends a press conference for "I"m a Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here!" at the Langham Hotel on April 24, 2009, in Pasadena, Calif.

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MacArthur Foundation Digital Media and Learning Competition

MacArthur Foundation Digital Media and Learning Competition

Should be interesting to see what emerges from this new funding direction by the MacArthur Foundation. ____JH


"Awards will be made in the two categories of Innovation and Knowledge-Networking.  Innovation Awards ($100,000 and $250,000) will support learning pioneers, entrepreneurs, and builders of new digital learning environments for formal and informal learning. Knowledge-Networking Awards ($30,000 base award, to a total of $75,000 if budget warrants) will support communicators in connecting, mobilizing, circulating, or translating new ideas around digital media and learning. Entries to the Competition are due October 15, 2007.

Details and application requirements can be found at  If you have comments or questions about the Competition that you would like to share publicly, we would love to hear from you via this Spotlight Blog."

Apperson Education Products Partners with Northrop Grumman

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Court upholds not guilty verdict in Samsung case

South Korea's Supreme Court on Friday upheld a lower court ruling that acquitted the former chairman of Samsung Electronics on breach of trust charges and threw out guilty verdicts in a related case.

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