Sunday, January 25, 2009

Arizona primes for new governor and different path

Arizona primes for new governor and different path

The change comes at a time when the Republican-leaning state faces a budget crisis and will likely mark a major change in how Arizona tackles it.

Disruptive Technologies or New Pedagogical Possibilities

Grainne Conole of OpenLearn presents a view of how Web 2.0 technologies can influence pedagogical approaches.  The models and ideas in Conole's presentation are worth considering by learning design professionals whose task is to facilitate the construction of online courses. (The video from the Eduserve Foundation Symposium 2008 was cited by iThinkEd.)____JH
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Teach and Develop here.

Ready to Teach? Educators and Developers are welcome to use CipherHive for creating instructional Courses and Tutorials. You can add RSS feeds, Videos, Music, Tags, Chat, Wiki, Forums, and more. CipherHive is built on the power of Moodle and is a social network for Newcomers and Professionals in the Coding, Graphics, Technology World. Continue reading ...

FREE Park Dae-sung: Econoblogger Jailed for Getting It Right

WaPo tells the story: As a financial blogger named Minerva, Park Dae-sung was the dark prophet of market decline in South Korea. In this education-obsessed country, where academic credentials are often taken as a measure of human value, he was also something of an idiot savant. He had no degree in economics. He had no professional experience in finance. He was not a wealthy investor. He had been a so-so student who studied communications at a so-so junior college in a backwater town south Continue reading ...